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- Elder Law Attorney
- Gerontologist, Master's USC
- Former Elder Law Professor


I would recommend Susan Geffen to anyone seeking guidance on elder care and law/financial issues. I told Susan when we first met that my father was....

Raising UP Your Parents Symposiums In 2016


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Pasadena Hilton, Saturday, October 28, 2017



Raising UP Your Parents
For Adult Children, Caregivers & Seniors

THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE seminar ever offered for adult children and baby boomers about caring for elderly parents…and preparing for the future.

"Over 10,000 adult children, seniors and caregivers have attended Susan's seminars since 2009"

Here are some of the important topics Susan will be discussing:


How to finance the long term care of an elderly person?

What should I do if my parent of spouse has Alzheimer’s or dementia.

What are the various care options, and what are the differences between them?

What can I do to help prevent Alzheimer’s or dementia?

How to properly assess my parent of spouse’s abilities?

My mom lives alone and I worry about her. What can I do?

How can we afford the care my dad needs?

My siblings and I argue about what is best for our parents.

How can we make decisions that will satisfy everyone?

What is the difference between assisted living and board and care?

What is Hospice and when is it appropriate?

And much, much more!


A Note From Susan B Geffen:

I have been helping families deal with all of the difficulties of aging for the past twenty years., as an elder law attorney and as a gerontologist. I've been in the trenches and just about seen it all. I've also experienced these challenges in my personal life.

Now I want to share what I know with you, so you can breathe easier about what you are facing with your elderly parents and your own future as a Baby Boomer.

I believe that everyone needs help when it comes to caring for an elderly relative.


Susan B Geffen

Gerontologist, Elder Law Attorney

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