Susan B Geffen

- Elder Law Attorney
- Gerontologist, Master's USC
- Former Elder Law Professor


I would recommend Susan Geffen to anyone seeking guidance on elder care and law/financial issues. I told Susan when we first met that my father was....
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By Susan B Geffen, Gerontologist, Elder Law Attorney


After reading this book you will:


  • understand how to "age in place" by learning how to evaluate the home environment, your physical needs or the needs of a loved one
  • be able to distinguish between facilities that house older adults and why a nursing home should not be an option
  • realize that there are many ways to pay for elder care, but that Medicare is not one of those ways
  • no longer be susceptible to physical or financial abuse
  • be motivated to take charge of your future and our collective futures because as long as we are alive, we all have a future
Available December, 2012

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