Susan B Geffen

- Elder Law Attorney
- Gerontologist, Master's USC
- Former Elder Law Professor


I would recommend Susan Geffen to anyone seeking guidance on elder care and law/financial issues. I told Susan when we first met that my father was....

  1. "When my wife of 53 years suddenly became terminally ill, I asked Susan B. Geffen to
    provide assistance with new wills and trust documents on short notice. She worked dili-
    gently and completed the requisite documents in record time. She also provided invaluable advice concerning bequests and gathering information for estate tax filings. It is extremely comforting to know that I can count on her for legal services and advice in the future. Her fees are exceptionally reasonable. I have not hesitation in recommending Susan for her assistance and sound advice. She is a recognized expert in the field."                                                                        
    Steve K.

  2. "Hello Susan….It's been a long time! I'm hoping this email finds you well. You may recall that you were instrumental in helping my Dad, Art Reeves early last year in 2011. Dad still remembers you as the "first" lawyer to "come to his rescue"!

    "Dad will have his 90th birthday in September of this year! I will keep you posted and thanks again for being part of our inner circle -- it is so very much appreciated! "

    "thanks for an exemplary job with my estate - and your friendship."
    Warmly, Steve

  3. Dear Susan:
    You are like an angel always helping others.  I have learned so much from you  and be inspired  by you too !  I love your book!!
    Thank you !! May D.

  4. "You are like an angel.....he (my father) is eating and laughing again" Mike R

  5. "Your intervention worked wonders! The hospice nurse arrived, spent hours. Ordered much medication. (We are picking it up now.) The doctor apparently hadn't seen him for weeks....."

  6. Mark B.

  7. "Because he asked that we do so, I told Dad that we would pass this information along to you right away. Dad also said to express his thanks to you again; Patti and I also send along our sincere gratitude for your help. As I told you before your visit, Dad is usually not open to talking to people, especially woman about his care. Now every time something comes up, he says "what does Susan think?" Take care and thank you again and again." Leslie Anne Y.

  8. "Hi Susan,

  9. Thank you! Mom is doing better – more alert. So alert that she told me that Sue the cleaning lady is charging too much for her work earlier this week! We would like to continue using you as a one stop shop as you bring so many disciplines to the table. Thank you." Greg B.

  10. "Ronda and I cannot put into words our appreciation for all that you did for our mum in our absence. I know that you gave her love, kindness and attention in her last days. She told us that she wished she let you into her life earlier (when Ronda first called). On a lighter note, my house is still open to you (you are like our sister now) and your family should you ever decide to venture down under. I'm hoping your life is busy, happy and full of love."

    Thinking of you. Leslie

  11. "I think you steered us exactly right to come up with the best compromise of location, quality of care and living circumstances." Best, Alan

  12. "My mother is doing much better now that she has been stabilized. When we first met I was really scared and frazzled. You are doing an amazing job helping people. I will try to attend your seminar again in Torrance and / or Manhattan Beach. Hope all is well with you and your family." Valerie

  13. "Susan
    Thank you for coming to Palm Springs to evaluate my mother and helping me and my father with the challenges my family is facing with her dementia." 

  14. "Thanks again for keeping in touch with me, it really means a lot to me knowing that you are still thinking of us. To answer your question, yes we got approved for Medi-cal and now I am not freaked out about where she will be able to live safely, I will be back in touch with you soon."

    Very best regards, Bill N.

  15. "Susan was great. It was well-attended and held everyone's rapt attention for the entire time. I will let everyone know about the website." Susan Osborne

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